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Client Launch: Susan Cooks Vegan

We recently had the pleasure of spending the last three months with one of Vancouver’s up and coming home-vegan-cooks, Susan Pratt. Susan came to us with the desire to create her first personal brand in the hopes of sharing her knowledge of vegan cooking and inspiring other’s to consider a plant-based lifestyle.

Susan Cooks Vegan launched on July 1st, 2019 with unprecedented success in a one-week span. Susan is currently followed by high-level profiles in her industry with future opportunities on the horizon. We are very excited to have been a part of Susan’s brand launch! Scroll below to see how we did it.


We worked closely with Susan to develop a unique brand identity that is decadent, strong, feminine and approachable to the everyday cook. Susan’s branding kit included:

  • Primary & Secondary Logos

  • Icons

  • Submarks

  • Colours

  • Fonts

  • Social Icons

  • Website

  • Social Media

Susan Pratt Branding 2 .jpg


Susan Cooks Vegan is used a reference site for vegan recipes that are simple & delicious! To create a user-friendly experience, we mapped out the site in an organized fashion for readers to easily locate recipes in different categories, pantry items and Susan’s tips & tricks.

Susan Cooks Vegan.jpg
MailChimp Banner.jpg


Susan Cooks Vegan is a visual guide to vegan cooking. To achieve a premium aesthetic, we brought on Vancouver food based photographer, Leila Kwok. We photographed 5 launch dishes, portraits and vignettes for Susan’s social media & website.



You can find Susan on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest at @SusanCooksVegan highlighting her blog posts, cooking tips and face-to-face cooking experiences.