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How To Calculate Social Media Engagement Rates

Engagement rate is one of our most talked about social media factors. It’s continuously fluctuating and has everything to do with how your posts are performing. But, what is engagement rate and how do you calculate your social media engagement rates?

An engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of performance on your published content. It shows how much people interact with the content.

What is Considered Engagement?

  • Comments

  • Likes

  • Views (3 second & 30 second)

  • Clicks

  • Link Clicks

  • Re-posts (retweets)

  • Shares

    & much more!

What is a Good Engagement Rate?

Aim for 10% and don’t base it on your likes to followers ratio. It goes much deeper than that.

10% of your ENGAGEMENT should be 10% of your REACH.
10% of your REACH should be 10% of your FOLLOWER count.

For example: 10 likes - 100 reach - 1000 followers.

How to Calculate Your Facebook Engagement Rate

  1. Take the number of users divided by the total reach of your posts.

  2. Multiply that by 100 to turn it into a percentage.

Because Facebook has more metrics than we can count, we suggest breaking it down into engagement rates for comments, likes, video views, etc. OR bulking together the most important.

How to Calculate Your Twitter Engagement Rate

  1. Take your total engagement across all posts and divide the number by the total followers

  2. Then, divide that number by the number of posts you’ve published.

How to Calculate Your Instagram Engagement Rate

  1. Take your total number of engagement and divide that by your follower count.

  2. Multiply that by 100 to turn it into a percentage.

We hope this post helps you discover your own engagement rate. For any questions on engagement rate or to book a social media consultation, email us at

Randa Salloum