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Social Media Strategy Organizer For Business (All-In-One)

Social Media Strategy Organizer For Business (All-In-One)


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Does social media overwhelm you? Have you spent too much money hiring outside help but it didn’t work? Do you want to educate and empower yourself or your team to deploy powerful marketing strategies in-house for a fraction of the cost of out-sourcing or hiring a full-time Marketing Director?

The Social Media for Business Strategy Organizer provides you with insider’s information while teaching you how to use the necessary tools to gain influence in your industry, power in your field, peace of mind that your business is growing and saving you money in the process.

This workbook is perfect for Business Owners, Account Managers and Social Media Managers who are looking to elevate their strategy. By using this workbook, you will save thousands of dollars from hiring experts and become empowered to execute the processes and manage your team.

After completing this workbook, you will be able to execute focused strategies while determining which platforms are best for your business.

Platforms focused in this workbook: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. (It is okay to complete this workbook even if you are not on all platforms)

Number of pages: 12
Includes: Customer Avatar Worksheet, Key Success Metrics Worksheet, Mission Statements Worksheet and a Competitor Analysis Worksheet.

You save $10 by downloading this package plus a BONUS: Content Calendar tips.

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What is included in the Social Media Strategy Organizer?

Goal Setting

  • Learn to define SMART goals for your businesses social media presence. These are focused goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

  • Includes 6 example SMART goals to get you started.

  • Set measurable goals for 1-Year, 3-Year and 5-Year that includes 10 goals for the year, an issues list to tackle for each goal and 2 top priorities to get you started.

Customer Demographic:

  • Before defining your customer avatar, you will take the time to discover the goals, values, challenges and roles (& so much more!) for your own business.

  • You’ll create your first customer avatar that allows you the ability to create an in-depth discovery of your ideal customer. Feel free to create many avatars for all of your different customers.

Mission Statements

  • Before you can publish content to your channels, you need to define the role that each platform has in your business. Not every platform is made for your brand and requires a different objective.

Competitive Analysis

  • Stay up to date with your competitors with an in-depth document sourcing all of the information you will need to see how your deliverables match up to theirs.

Key Success Metrics

  • You’ll be provided a weekly and monthly metrics tracker to stay on top of your analytics. Updating it each week or month will keep you on track for success in a simple and defined way.

Content Planning

  • You’ll be provided with an example calendar highlighting efficient ways to plan your content.


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