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If you’re looking to seek empowerment, education and confidence as a business owner, this is the perfect service for you! You’re willing to take on the tasks & adapt your newly taught tricks of the trade.


  • We’ll chat about where your brand is at, where you want it to be and the necessary steps to get it there.

  • The online world can be a beast and we’re going to educate you how to handle it while engaging with your community and customers.

  • Let’s overhaul your social media! We’ll conduct audits of your social media accounts and show you how to improve your online presence.

  • Weekly tasks will be implemented to move your business forward, letting you learn the tricks of trade along the way.

  • We’ll create objectives and goals for you to hit for 3-months to 6-months.

  • We’ll implement new processes and base results on what works and what doesn’t work.

  • Looking to work with Influencers or create photo and video campaigns? You’ll have our expertise at your disposal.


  • Nobody can speak to your business the way you can. We’ll provide you with the education to get a handle your business, teach you the processes and the importance of every step you make. This will let you move forward with strength as a business owner and someone who can ask for what they want!

  • The online world is shifting every day and there will be new ways to market, promote, buy and sell. We’ll help you keep up to date on the importance of each shift, how to look for it and what to do when it happens.

portfolio examples

Buro Espresso Bar

Buro Espresso Bar

ROQUE Jewelry

ROQUE Jewelry