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Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

We have been lucky to work with some creative and innovative brands and business owners. Here is what they have to say…


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“This workshop was fantastic! Randa was knowledgeable, well organized and was able to answer any question we threw at her. She made personalized recommendations for each of our businesses making topics relatable and easy to understand. Randa provided a clear differentiation on how to optimize each social media platform to your needs. By breaking down each section into simple steps I left the workshop with the confidence to take on the beast that is social media marketing. The workshop also provided a comfortable and open space for conversation. We were able to share our personal experiences, bounce ideas off each other and create lasting connections. What an amazing experience!”

Leah Grewal, Social Media Manager
Social Media For Business Workshop

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“Unlike most books or tutorials you may take, Randa was able to apply this knowledge to my business specifically. Further more, it was up to date industry standards and knowledge. Randa was able to answer all of my questions and enlighten me to my blind spots in the business. This is going to sound really cheesy but i feel so confident in the steps moving forward with social media whether I am handling that project myself or passing it off to an employee. I really could not recommend this course enough!”

Stephanie Ibbitson, Founder & Owner
Social Media For Business Workshop

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OM Couture

“Randa’s profound experience and knowledge in marketing was partnered with a professional and organized consulting session including hands on documents. I love how she is passionate about what she is doing and empowered me with what I am doing.

I would definitely recommend her to businesses and brands who need help in social media and marketing! “

Ou Ma, Founder & Designer
Consulting sessions for target customer research, social media improvement and influencer outreach.

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The Coffee Bar

“Randa is a creative mind to work with! She’s a great mentor and team player. In only three months she coached me on how to properly understand all angles of social media and her shared knowledge helped me to hit goals and reassess how I creative successful content to engage with my followers.

Randa is fun to work with and will provide you with truth while guiding you in the right direction and cheer on what you’ve accomplished together. “

Lisa Jhonson, Social Media Manager
Consulting sessions for social media management

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Buro EsPresso Bar

“Working with Randa has been a rewarding experience with really great results! You will learn the right concepts and strategies to let your brand stand out no matter what your industry is resulting in increased sales and relationships with your customers. All of this happens in a fun, creative and cost effective way.”

Torao W, Social Media Manager
Consulting sessions for social media management


Robson street business association

“It was a pleasure to have Randa as part of the Robson Street team. She is an incredibly creative, technically skilled, social media savvy and connected individual and was able to deliver on a number of Robson Street campaigns and Influencer events.”

Teri Smith, Executive Director
Social media management, event co-ordination and Influencer campaigns.



“Randa has been fundamental to the success of our business. Her industry knowledge, work ethic, and drive have provided us with invaluable insight, a winner competitive edge, and the power to succeed. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team!”

Pippa Henrichsen, Owner (former)
Sales & Marketing Management

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Energetic Collective

“I new I didn't know... But WOW! It overwhelmed me how much there was to understand, Randa was amazing at explaining things clearly and carrying me through to my own understanding and strategy. Thanks a million (followers) Randa!”

Dave O'Dowd
Social Media For Business Workshop

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Camber Communications

“Working with Randa was such a great experience. Her course was incredibly informative and well laid-out. Excellent use of time!”

Kate MacDougall
Social Media For Business Workshop