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Are you ready to take your business to the next level or brush up on your skills? Join our leading industry professional instructors for a 2-day Vancouver business workshop and we’ll empower you to grow your business!

Available Vancouver business workshops:

January 2019 - Social Media for Business
March 2019 - Photography for Business
May 2019 - Web Development & Management for Business

Website Development & Management Workshop Vancouver

Website Development & Management Workshop Vancouver

from 700.00

Instructed by Terence Sawtell of GOAT.

Early Bird Special Tickets - $700.00 + GST (you save $150.00)
Regular Tickets - $850.00 + GST
May 2019 - Specific date TBA

Requirements: Laptop & access to your brand’s website

Is your site not ranking on Google? Do you not have traffic coming to your site? Does web development overwhelm you? Have you spent too much money hiring outside help but it didn’t work? Do you want to educate and empower yourself or your team to deploy powerful websites in-house for a fraction of the cost of out-sourcing or hiring a full-time Website Developer or SEO expert? Our leading industry professionals will teach you their insider’s information while teaching you how to use the necessary tools to gain influence in your industry, power in your field, peace of mind that your business is growing and saving you money in the process.

This workshop is perfect for Business Owners and Marketing Managers who are looking to elevate their skills. By taking this workshop, you will save thousands of dollars from hiring experts and become empowered to execute the processes and manage your team.

Estimated value that you save from taking this workshop and not hiring a manager: $50,000.00 / year

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  1. Understanding Basic HTML

  2. Writing a Blog Post (WordPress or Craft)

  3. Deciding how users will use your website (this will talk about making a site sales friendly or sales/content driven)

  4. What is site hosting, domains, and DNS and how can it affect my site

  5. Understanding WordPress Themes and deciding when to build something Custom

  6. SEO 101

  7. When to hire someone and when not to hire someone

  8. Choosing a Digital Agency or Development agency

  9. Summary of the Basics

With these skills and strategies in place, you and your team will be empowered to welcome new clients, set your brand apart from your competitors and you will master the SEO game while never feeling overwhelmed.

DON’T MISS OUT! Join us for this intimate 10 seat workshop and meet other business owners in the process.

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Terence Sawtell founded GOAT (Formerly Goatsocial) in 2014 after dealing with the difficulties of fulfilling web design and development services from local agencies. Taking it upon himself, he learned how to code and build the site himself. GOAT is now a full service Creative Agency that has worked with the City of Vancouver, University of Toronto, ASHL, Fluxwerx, Love Child Organics, Jillian Harris, Suite Genius and many more. A self proclaimed good at many, great at nothing, Terence is always on the front line in the Creative space. 


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